Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a type of electronic bank-to-bank transaction that allows you to move money directly from your bank account to the merchant’s account. Most online casinos in New Jersey accept ACH payments.

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What is ACH?

ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is a safe, efficient, and convenient way of making online casino payments from the comfort of your own home. It is no wonder that ACH payments are very popular with New Jersey gamblers.


ACH as a form of financial transaction came into being in the early 1970s as an answer to the inefficiency of paper checks. There was also a growing concern that the number of paper checks in use in the country would eventually exceed the available computing power to continue to process these checks efficiently.

The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) was founded in 1974 to oversee and regulate ACH payments. NACHA remains the regulatory body for commercial ACH payments. This payment system was initially adopted by the U.S. treasury to make recurring payments including corporate and consumer bill payments, salaries, Social Security, and interest and dividends among other transactions. ACH has grown to become the largest payment system in The United States.

How it Works

Automated Clearing House payments work in one of two ways. The first is an ACH debit transaction, which simply means that you send instructions for money to be “withdrawn” from your bank account and sent to the merchant’s bank account.

The second, ACH credit transaction, is when someone else, such as an employer, deposits money directly into your bank account. This allows you to use ACH to deposit and withdraw money from your online casino account.


Tips on using ACH Transfers

ACH is one of the quickest and most secure ways to make casino payments. A few tips to get the most out of this payment system will come in handy.

Authentication data

You can now verify your ACH account almost instantly by using your bank login credentials. You don’t have to send voided checks and wait days for verification. It may even be possible to perform your first transaction as you wait for verification.


You cannot set monthly recurring ACH payments to your online casino account. This means that you have to fund your account manually each time, but this serves to minimize the chances of overspending or forgetting about the recurring payment.

Shopping online

Most ACH transactions are free of charge, though any fees on your transaction are usually nominal. ACH is a great option if you are making large purchases and may be a good way to escape exorbitant credit card fees.

Depositing at Online Casinos with ACH – Fees and Limits

People thinking about using ACH for casino payments will be happy to know that nearly all licensed New Jersey casinos accept ACH transactions.

Using ACH to transfer money to your casino account is straightforward, though you will need to verify your identity with the casino before you are allowed to make your first deposit.

To deposit funds into your casino account using ACH:

  1. Go to the “Cashier" page of your casino and click on “Deposit".
  2. Select ACH payment as your preferred deposit option.
  3. Fill in your bank details.
  4. The name of the payment processor will appear on your screen. Select the processor to make the check payable to them (the processor).
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  6. Confirm the details and sign the check.
  7. Most ACH deposits are near-instant or take less than a day to appear in your casino account.

Casinos casino
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Withdrawal deposit
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4 - 6 Days 10.00$ N/A
2 Days 20.00$ - 50 000.00$ 20.00$ - 250 000.00$

Withdrawing at Online Casinos with ACH – Fees and Limits

Withdrawing money from your casino via ACH is as simple as making a deposit, but may take a little longer to receive the money in your bank account.

To make a casino withdrawal using ACH:

  • Go to the “Cashier" page of your casino account and click “Withdraw".
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Select e-check as your chosen withdrawal method.
  • Enter your bank details.
  • Submit your information.
  • You should receive the withdrawal amount in your bank account in 3-5 working days, depending on the casino.

Why use ACH to play online?

Of the multiple payment options available from most online casinos, ACH is a great way to make casino payments for a number of reasons.

Safety and trust

ACH is one of the safest methods for making casino payments online. Both parties must have valid U.S. bank accounts, which lowers the possibility of fraud. As you may know, you need to provide your personal information and identification documents to open a bank account in the United States.

Ease of use

ACH is easy to use, especially if you are familiar with how electronic payments work. The deposit/withdrawal process takes a few short minutes and the online casino will prompt you on the information you need to enter every step of the way. You also don’t need to physically go to the bank or casino cage to make deposits and withdrawals.


Most ACH casino deposits are almost instant or take less than a day depending on the timing of your transaction. Withdrawals take a few short days, which is much better than the weeks you might have to wait to receive a physical check.


Using ACH as a payment method involves sharing your bank details with your casino, yet it is still a very secure method. ACH payments are protected from fraud as long as you take reasonable action to protect your personal information and report any fraud or suspicious activity to your bank in a timely fashion.

ACH Banks & Credit Unions

Pretty much all US banks support ACH transactions. If you are opening a new bank account specifically to use ACH, you’ll want to open an account that has minimal transaction fees. You can also make ACH transactions from your credit union account.

How to Use ACH Transfers to Play at the Casino

Aside from how to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos using ACH, there are a few more things that you need to know about this payment system.

You will need a verified bank account or credit union account to perform any ACH transactions online. The good news is that a credit or debit card is not necessary, as you can easily make payments directly from your bank account.

Keep in mind that ACH transactions are processed during certain times of the day. While deposits usually appear in your casino account almost instantly, it may take a little longer if you miss the cutoff time for the day. However, these transactions rarely take more than a day.

Lastly, make sure that you have enough money for the transaction in your checking or savings account. It is possible for an ACH transaction to “bounce.” The insufficient money you sent will be refunded to your bank account but you may incur charges or penalties for the failed transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will cover a few frequently asked questions about making ACH payments to online casinos in New Jersey.

What are the best alternatives to ACH?


If you are sending money from your bank account to your casino account, debit and credit cards are a great alternative to ACH transactions. Online bank transfers are also widely accepted and don’t require that you share your financial information with third parties. If you don’t have a bank account, you can make cash deposits at the casino cage or by using PayNearMe at your nearest 7-Eleven.

What is the deposit limit with ACH?


The deposit limit when using ACH payments largely depends on the casino. Some New Jersey casinos impose limits while others do not have a maximum deposit limit. For many online casinos, the maximum deposit amount depends on how much money you have in your bank account.

Which currencies are supported by ACH?


ACH is an American payment system so you can only make payments in USD. Keep in mind that you are transacting from your U.S. bank account.

Is it possible to deposit at casinos not licensed in New Jersey using ACH?


Technically speaking, you can deposit money at a casino not licensed in New Jersey as long as the casino is licensed elsewhere in The United States, for example, in Pennsylvania. Payment processors including ACH are prohibited from transacting with unlicensed online casinos. ACH is also an American-based payment system, so you would not be able to make deposits to casinos out of the country.

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